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What happened on December 21, 2016?

11. 1. 2017

Our beloved, we have promised to reveal the place where since December 21, 2016 open portals of lights of the New Age flow fully.

On December 21, 2016 Katie went, according to the instructions of God and beings of light, to Prague on the Charles Bridge to the statue of Jesus. She with a pure intention in her heart closed five gates of the old times there at 11:44 pm sharp and opened five portals of New Age by codes given her by God.

One of the codes for the opening was number 9. This code wears and is Katie as the second coming of Christ consciousness.

Beings of light, archangels, ascended masters, helpers of light, elemental beings, a being of the Czech nation, the Charles Bridge being and a being of the Earth were present there. Jesus came too, the Virgin Mary as well and many others and others. Jesus himself with the help of God and with the purest loving intention put into the Earth heart, into the very consciousness of the Earth, the Heart of Christ, the heart of God, which merged with the heart of our Mother Earth.

At the moment, when the portals of the New Age were opened, then from the heart of Christ in the very bowels of our planet a huge rainbow colors spurted, the energy of God shift and the purity of God himself, rebirth and ascension as well that subsequently enveloped the whole world.

The entire country lit up and the angels and loving extraterrestrial beings that protect us rallied around the entire planet into one shining energy, which put through with the Earth. All the gates were activated and opened to the interconnection and unification. These energies are here for all humanity, for all light workers who begin to recall what they carry in order to help the planet, to rise, to mankind. They begin to open their eyes and help. They, with the purest intention, will step out to help themselves and others, unify themselves into balance with each other, heaven and Earth. Their physical and spiritual bodies will begin to connect. Their body, soul and mind will be in balance and fully interconnected with the center of the universe. These energies will help not only the Earth but the entire universe as well.

Now it is enough, by our pure mind, heart and body, in common work and hand in hand to create a place on Earth what we wish, where no one will ever suffer, not sick or unhappy, which will become a paradise for every being of love.

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