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The Crown of Thorns

23. 3. 2016

The Crown of Thorns

March 23, 2016

A few days ago we received a message in which we were asked to take out Jesus Christ's crown of thorns that is stored in Paris (energetically) and hand it over to God. It was also requested that we collect all 13 thorns belonging to this crown that were allocated to monarchs, and braid them back into the crown. The energy of this crown of thorns that symbolizes pain and suffering prevents the acceptance of all Jesus Christ's energy that travels to Earth and thus   hinders our full awakening as well as the acceptance of godly and cosmic energies for the second coming of Jesus Christ and for the opening of the consciousness of human beings.

With love and with the help of Jesus and God, on March 23, 2016 at 13:13 sharp, we took out the energetic crown of thorns and handed over all the pain of the worship and thus made Jesus free. By worshiping the crown of thorns, we have been worshiping his pain and he still had the crown on his head.

These are fears artificially created by churches in order to keep people ignorant and deprive them of knowledge, for worshiping Jesus Christ. The more they worshipped him, the more pain was burnt out. The pain was cruel, painful, implied by churches for their sake and their purposes.

In the same way as people worship the crown of thorns, they worship the crosses they kneel in front of and pray. An appeal from Jesus himself follows:

"At this moment I am asking you to remove the pain off this cross. Hand over all the pain and cruelty of this cross back to mother Earth, to God. The more you kneel in front of the cross, through this suffering, the more pain you are bringing back to the surface. It is important to realize that this power, this pain has already ended and there is no need to worship these painful energies that were manipulated by the church.

Please release me once and for all and let these energies of God's love and light flow. I'm always here with you without you having to kneel and worship this cross of pain. The suffering of me, Jesus Christ. The cross is the symbol of suffering.

Please rise above these energies and accept the liberty and freedom.

Hand over all the prejudices caused by the energy manipulated by the church that has spread like a great evil.

Please release me with love. I'm here for you all the time. I come and help you with your every remembrance. It is important to realize it. Do not adopt the suffering of my being."


Please remove crosses from your necks and from the walls. They mean suffering. This cross is a block, the blockage of your way. The more crosses, the more blocks. The cross means a church block. It does not let you up... it announces… you will not go any further!!


April 7, 2016

To all our beloved ones, we would like to react to the frequently asked questions concerning the elimination of crosses (message of Jesus in the article The Crown of Thorns).

In the words of Jesus, the cross is the sign of pain and his suffering. And that is the block on our path. So please if you still have some crosses on your neck or on your walls at home, there is no need to throw them away or destroy them. Just keep them as a beautiful memory of those who gave you this item, or as a protective decoration.

Remove consciously all the pain and suffering from this cross and pass it over to God or Mother Earth. In the next step, deep inside your mind, change the crossing into a vertical position and this will bring you closer to home, to God.

A changed symbol like this can be in your home but please... there are so many beautiful symbols showing love that a cross is not necessary. If you need to show yours believes, do it through love and positive emotions. Through a warm smile and a gentle touch of a hurting soul anywhere around you. The biggest strength lies within you. Do not underestimate yourself and do not rely on other people to save you. Start cleaning yourself from pain, fear and cruelty that you carry from the past lives and that bring you physical problems here on Earth and in your body.

If we are stuck in our old energies, believes and systems, we are not able to move on. The whole universe of free will is waiting for us. Without this shift, we are stagnating. After all, everything has been already prepared for our move, everything has been said. Why repeat words that have been expressed before. Why not give a chance to new words and new energies?

We have forgotten that we are part of the stars and the beings of good will in the galaxy are only waiting for our vibration of pure love so that they can move on, but without us they are not whole and so they are waiting only for us to leave the hopeless low energies of fear and vain dreams.

We have come to change peoples' awareness, to change the painful track of their train. To unify people in their love and not their fear. We are aware that it will be very painful and hard for many who are used that all is done for them by others and know only how to wait for salvation.

Salvation is in the most beautiful energies that we have around us and a part of that is Jesus Christ, who you can adore lovingly without crosses.

There is no one else who can remove the non-loving energies that you carry within yourself and that hold you down. Only you, yourself. You are creatures of freedom and of free will and so you must give away all these negative energies yourself. You are the creators of your own being. Only by grasping love and positive light, you can get up and stand. Just think why you are here and what is your purpose. Just look around and see all the beauty around you.
We are all equal – angels, archangels, people...God made us the way he wanted us to be. No one is better or worse and we all make God in our own specific way and so we are all important for creation.