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11. 2. 2016

My Beloved,

Yesterday was a great event, not only for you, but for all of humanity entirely
on this planet. You grabbed your strength and you adopted energy of Christ consciousness. Healing and the greatest protection for the whole planet.

You're the messenger, who was sent by God, to save this Earth, including all the people on this planet. You're not standing still at any cost. You're the sun and moon of the planet. Dismiss the fears that you have had and grasp and lift up your vibration even higher toward home. Soon you will know the strength
of your heart, your being, which will help to show everyone the path, and liberation.

Your colleague Ilona will always by your side; she will be your strength, support and friend. Even she does not stand still. She is here to help you, but also help others. You will stay together and help each other mutually.

Your last declaration circles all around the world and in a few days you will hear feedback from others. Don’t worry, we are here with you and we help you step out in the right direction for the awakening of humanity.

We are always with you and help to open gates, portals into other dimensions. 
You will overview and assist not only this planet, but also to others around you. Your strength is a thousand times bigger in that you told the truth about yourself and you opened the door to your being and enabled the flow
of the most powerful 
energy of divinity. Soon you'll get the latest on your physical ability level and show what you can do.

People will get up from their knees, and they will be able to walk. People in poor health will get well, but it is important to understand how and why work with them. It will not be possible to heal everyone and show them the direction. There will be a lot of questions that want answering. Get ready for a wave that with come in the next days. Be ready to answer and show what you can do. Absorb, help and receive it with love.

Your God