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Over-dimensional purification waves

7. 9. 2016

Our beloved with great love I would like to inform you about events that are happening already today.

Human consciousness is being opened together with portals of knowledge of the universe. These portals are being activated and huge wave of purification is going to take part. With great love we would like to inform you that these waves are called „Spacince“ (we write the name as we hear it, we have not found this name anywhere else to be sure that we spell it correctly). It is an energy that opens gates of consciousness of the mankind, Earth and of the whole Universe. Over-dimensional purification gates and waves are being opened. The waves will pass throughout the core of Earth through you and specific gates of this portal will be opened around the whole world. This will be visible even for human eyesight and you will feel big changes in your own being. These waves will be in process and are already in process today, which is a part of the plan of God.

You are all centers of the attention and you are part of these waves, of these changes and transformations. All of you will be a part of this transformation and it depends solely on you which steps you will choose. These energies, these waves and this centerline, which will pass through you and anchor itself, will hit all human beings and will be opening the subconscious of the mankind The waves of wonderful affectionate energies will be opened to all of you light-workers, whose energies are hidden deeply inside yourselves and have not yet reached the surface. The waves will pass through you and your centerline with such power, with such love, that you will start remembering who you are and why you are here. Believe that it is needed that all light-workers will unify and harmonize your planet. Your Earth is part of all mankind, universe and planets, that are here in the whole galaxy. 

This space communication which passes fully through my channeling partner is important for all of you. Important is that you start to feel and be aware of energies, that will pass through you. Believe and believe yourself that these energies will help you to unify the world. Just open yourself, feel and empathize yourself as well as all what is coming to you and in what ways you are receiving it. Please follow your heart, not the wisdom or thoughts of un-love. Open your heart, open your consciousness and sub consciousness and harmonize the balance of your bodies. With love please help to open the portals of the Earth that are fully passing through you. They will be activated in the right moment. Do not push, only concentrate yourself and become communication portal of the Earth and unify all mankind. The space energies of boundless knowledge will be passing through you. These energies belong to the whole world. Please do not retain them only for yourself. You are the power. You are the communication. You are the God. All of you. 

The waves will pass through your centerline and the over-dimensional level will be activated in full range. It is important to unify planets so that you will be able to empathize all what is coming through these portals and these wave and will continue to come henceforward. They are energies of the ageless power, unity and of the balance of your bodies and your planet. Please connect yourselves with all the elements of light, the mother Earth, the minerals and the water kingdom.

Ask and connect with beings of love and light, but do not forget, that these gates are guarded by wonderful affectionate beings. Ask these beings with great love to allow you to enter into these gates and to interconnect. They are already waiting until you enter and take up these energies so that this universal knowledge will pass through you over the whole planet, into consciousness and sub consciousness, with love and light for whole mankind.

The time has come, that you will unify yourselves and stop hiding yourselves, you are a part of the full purification of the planet. Wake up and gasp this knowledge, this power and open your heart and your arms for others as well as for yourself. It is important that you will be in equilibrium in respect of love and light.

Unconditional love consists in fact that you don’t judge or criticize others. We all are one unity, one God and only like this we could unify the whole world. All what is taking part on your planet is part of the great purification. Do not close your eyes, do not close yourself. Open the gates of these waves, these portals of love and light and open your heart and gate and the centerline in yourself so that these information could fully pass through yourself. Open the gate of your heart grid and allow these wonderful energies to enter into your bodies. These energies will help to open the Earth, the circulation and the purification. In right moment, in right time the wave, this connection and this unification will merge with purity and love and the God.

The gate is activated already in this moment.

On the 28th of August at 23:23 of the linear time there was activated the first wave of Spacince waves. This wave is full of love and light and has opened gates of multidimensional energies that are flowing through the central gate of the Earth's core. This wave is full of love and light. Believe me that it will hit you all. Please open the gates of your consciousness and sub consciousness. Open the gates of your heart, your grids and connect to the energies of this affectionate gate that are fully flowing through you and the whole planet. This wave has been risen up thank to your awareness that your power, your movement and the fact that your consciousness had been activated. The first wave was launched by the first portal, full openness and by passing through you and through Earth. This wave has a goal to open the gates of your God. It fully relates to you all and so possibilities of new changes are being opened. These changes will enable to all of you open your eyes and see the world as one unity, pure love and balance of all. Your awareness, your power, your movement, your openness and kindness to your all and to yourselves will move this planet to higher dimensions, vibrations and frequency, where you will be able to connect with other planets. Greater power and bigger possibilities are going to be activated.



(Photos taken on 28.8.2016 before midnight)

Already now you are able to see lot of wonderful affectionate beings visible only through human eyesight including cosmic beings alien beings and space ships that are here and help magnify and open gates of the magnetic pole of grid and to launch it so that this love could fully pass to you. This love releases energies and passes fully through you and releases gates of support of the beings of light and love so that these energies could reach you from above.

Believe that these wonderful affectionate portals that pass to Earth already today connect you with us. You are the path, the energy and we need all of you. Nobody is different. Nobody is extraordinary. You all are the one. You all are God. Nobody is more and nobody is less. You all are extraordinary as one unity which will move your planet. Your consciousness and your awareness and your remembering of who you are will magnify these energies and further and further portals of equilibrium and harmony will be able to pass through you. 


(Space ship of beings from Syria)

Do not look for love in others. All of you have it in yourselves. Find the peace and harmony and balance in you and believe that you will see this wonderful affectionate feeling also in the others.

When you will found this goodness in you then believe that you are shining with such power that will hit far, far away from you. Find the goodness and love in you and send together with us these wonderful energies and these waves of love through you. Please look on the world with different eyes, not with anger, fear and pain.

Strong purification has been activated on this day and unloveful energies started to be sucked away by the the portal. All of you will feel these energies inside you. Please realize that you are pure love and help us to work. Together with us we will open the heart of Earth and the harmonization will be enabled. The balance of your bodies, your Earth and all beings here on Earth will be able to receive love and light. All beings of love will start to help and listen to you as well as you to them. They are here for you. They wait till you open your gates of heart and they will be able to enter through you. Send these messages of love to others. Do not retain this message only for yourselves. Open your heart and spread it around. Listen to people that accept with love and open their heart to all of you.

We love you, your God