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Message to move into the sixth dimension (6D)

20. 4. 2016

Our beloved since there has been a few questions and worries around the date of 16th July Kate has a message from God for you.

On this date you will be brought up to the higher loving heights with enormous loving energy and power. These energies are absolutely important for your future and for the future of our planet. This expansion cannot be stopped by any living creature on this planet. It is a beautiful full of love experience that is coming and will be happening. Other planets in the galaxy are waiting for you to rise up. This rise of energy is being prepared for much longer than you think and the result will be in the highest form of your love. Love and light will be spreading all over through the you and your love that enormous energy will be released that everyone will feel it.

This will open up other possibilities of understanding and wisdom. The understanding of love will rise and open to you in other unexpected ways. The rise of all including the planet will neglect evil, fear and sadness from the world. This light will filter all bad and unloved from your body so that only positive will be. You will feel the power that can pick you up to pure positive energy and thinking. You will understand yourself and the inside power that you will gain in every molecule of yourself. Life will be much easier in this positive level of energy and together than we can eradicate evil and fear that is all over the planet.

Also do not forget that the torch of world light is handled by God inside every each of you, in your love and loving that you give - never forget that. Give love and love everyone including yourself is the moment why we all are here, that is the reason and all the love together will be streaming on the D- day. We all wish you the best to feel, give love to everyone around you and see how love is spreading around and that is the only way.

Please my beloved ones do not wait anymore for anything and make the right steps right now by sending love around. Do not judge, just purely love never doom anyone, just love everyone around you and spread love throughout the planet....it is inside each of us.

We love you. Yours God.