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Message from Jesus for the people on Earth

17. 11. 2016

Message from Jesus for the people on Earth


With great affection at this moment, my beloved, I can call you brothers and sisters because you're my brothers and sisters and you are becoming part of us all. With great love, I ask you as I have asked with love for centuries anyone who dared to accept into own heart the teachings of Christ consciousness and who understood the original and true essence of wearing this energy. I have taught you both in dreams and in the messages through your teachers to help spreading through words of God these teachings. Teachings through which I´ve suffered my fate and which I´ve conceived with love. 


I walked barefoot into this wonderful world and countries to bring understanding, love and light and to show you that you are the ones who can help yourselves and the others. And that you don´t have to be manipulated also please do not let anyone to manipulate you. You are an instrument of love, healing and of the transformation. I´ve descended with love into this process of love and light and full of understanding. With great love, I ask you to open your eyes and to show how are you shining and connecting with mother Earth, with yourselves, and with the universe. I´ve descended with love and I came here although I had saw and I had known the way and I was about to go. I had known that I was going to experience suffering, pain and torture but I still have known that I’am going to be the prime beginning, the formation of seed, seed of conceptus of light. Despite all the cruelty that took place here on this Earth I descended with love to help you through me. And believe that I’ve thousand times got up and down on my knees and begged and prayed for the salvation of you for your souls to help to show you the aim that you have and you bear inside of you and that even you are the teachers too. You are the chosen, you are God, and it is you who is creating on Earth. 

I´ve brought you and indicated the direction in which you have to go. Believe me that the faith in myself, you and God, love and light has always brought me back on my feet. I have always stood up straight and lovingly and kept going because I was carrying a seed of pure word of God that remained still inside of you and is germinating. You are the ones who will stop what was created here in un-love and pain. It's about showing people a different perspective to see and to watch the world around us and us all. With love I descended into this energy and I knew and I walked barefoot where Iove, heart and God was carrying me. My strength, my knowledge shifted me farther and farther. And I am now my beloved brothers and sisters asking you to grasp this strength that is and has been given to you for this wonderful transformation of yourselves, teaching of the transformation and showing up and offer to others that also they are the light too, that they are the love too and that even they've came here for some reason. And that even I have come to share this teaching to show you these energies. Grasp yourselves. Accept the truth about yourselves and share with love and in the highest good what I´m bringing to you- the light with which the truth could be opened and look into the center of the earth. Realize that also you could dissolve all the negation of all the pain, fear and grief we have been carrying and creating around for millenniums, that you are the tool and you have the tool inside yourselves and you wear it inside hidden. But do not keep it only for yourself because that's why you came here to show the others how they can help themselves and others around them. Do not please hide this tool, this knowledge, power and beauty. Connect please with me alone, with this energy of God's mission and show others how they can develop their consciousness of love and light so that it is helped to whole country and the universe. Do not please let your blindness overcome you. That it is God's word, beauty, love and light that I´ve brought here. And I bring this again back on this planet, on this Earth. 


Your blindness, your pain and fears are overshadowing all that I brought and I’m bringing here. Please open your heart and go into this battle of light and love and show others how to connect with themselves and spread the love, this light. The hell created here on Earth can be dissolved only by

you since it was you who had created it.  Become the love and move please ahead. This openness is here for you so please accept it! You are carrying the tool inside of you! All of you are having the tool inside of you. I´m waiting for you as well as the whole planet Earth, people and the universe because you are the creators. Do not wait until someone comes to save you. You're the creators, you are the light. Go home and remember who you are. Realize that you are so beautiful gorgeous creature full of shining light. Show it to everyone. Me too, I have carried this here on the Earth. With great love please let blossom the seed I´ve sowed let it bloom in each of you.


Open your eyes. Realize that you are here. Walk the path of the power of love and show everyone what is inside of you. Indeed, you can help everyone. Learn and accept this teaching and let yourself be teached in order to be able to teach others. Do not leave it just on me. You're here to walk with love and to help others to light the lantern which anyone has inside. This torch is waiting here until everyone ignites it with this love, this force. Indeed, you are the tool that could create here the love, the light. Please realize this! We love you so much and we are here for you. Don´t worry, we will never let you fall. We are here for you. We have open arms that will hold you. You have magnificent wings that help you take off. But let them become dry so that you could take off and fly. Don´t worry and let it go further because even I was here and went fearlessly and 1,000 times I was hit by a stone. And believe that I I got up and went over again. And you know how when you grasp the faith, your love, light - the instrument that anyone has inside. You have the strength to stand up. Don´t let anyone and anything to bring you down. Remember that you are the instrument of light and love. 

Do not let win the horror that you have created. Realize that you could dissolve with love by the fact that you will remember who you are that you are the pure wonderful angels, that love and light and the flower, which is flowering inside of you. Connect and become a part of me, you Earth, universe and all. Indeed you have the power to go with the greatest love that was inserted into your core. Remember. Indeed I went here and knew to what I´m going face and everybody was always standing by me. We are standing by you as well. 


Open your arms and light of understanding and show what is inside of you. Let yourself shine. After all, you are the heart of this planet. After all, you are the most gorgeous lovely creatures and the heart and the bell are waiting till you beautifully light them up them and irradiate them and they will begin to vibrate in the most stunning power of love. After all, it is you who could make this bell ringing. Please accept this with love and understand it. Do not wait for a savior to come and do it for you, it does not work like this. Indeed, you have a free will and can decide whether to form or to destroy or not. Why to destroy? Why suffering and not choosing the love and light when everybody wants to be happy. 


I have always stood up and went on and on. And now I´m asking you and begging you to interconnect, to stand up from your knees and to go on. Please show others who are waiting for this teaching which you have already accepted long time ago. Pass over the teaching, these words of love and creativity. Please spread these words of God´s shift,  that even they, those wonderful beautiful human beings, they are the heart of the earth's cosmic bell and that all of you are the instrument that will resound this vibration. As well as me, I tried to chime these bells, the heart, the large bell, the source love. Indeed this planet is waiting for this source and it is waiting through you, through your connection to the source of love, this planet is strengthening and connecting. The planet will begin to heal. Wars are going to be ceased. And love and light are being spread. Please let shine the little light that you have inside of you. We love you and we are standing by your side with full strength, love and understanding and guidance. Please help.  After all, you are the tool. We love you. We embrace you. Realize that we are waiting with the greatest love. We are still waiting. We love you.