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Lighting humanity

28. 12. 2016

Lighting humanity



Lighting humanity is love, it is love and God, that you wear in yourselves. Lighting humanity are the crystals of pure shift and expansion. It is light, the pure light within you. It is the shift into the New Age, into the light and love. It's clean connection with your inner love, your inner god, the source, God who is around you and you can receive  and accept the truth, love, and you can send it further. It's a glow of each of you. It is the light of each of you which is spreading in the speed of light. It is the light that fills you. It is the love that connects you. It's health, joy, peace and quiet, it is a balance of energy. It is the power of God alone, of your internal resource, which itself connects with love and grabs this power to expand this light, this torch. It is the light that radiates from us, it's a shift, it's love


Once you enter into the lighting humanity, you will radiate kindness, happiness, love. You are healthy and you can help yourself.


By letting the love go through you, each of your cells is being transformed into light.


What prevents you still from enter the lighting humanity are your weapons, your inner weapons. They are fear, pain, cruelty and ideas that you transmit even though you don´t want to and which you acomplish and say without thinking. These are the blocks, barriers and dislike to ourselves. These are old wounds that we are carrying. It is a resentment and pain, cruelty and hate towards others and ourselves. These are the inhibitions that are shaping our contemporary life. It's waiver and forswear. It's renunciation of ourselves. Renunciation of God.


Renunciation of God is like when you abandon yourself, like when the soul is separated from your body. They are liabilities of non-love that hold you still in the low vibrational energies. Especially you do not believe in yourselves. Faith is important to the shift to a pure love of faith and liberation. The mind wants to be liberated, but the heart does not know how to accept the truth. Therefore, it is important to connect with your power, your divinity, your inner angel, and connect with your soul and thus become who you are. Instist on your word, act and thought and dont´t be afraid of the truth. Step into this divinity and connection with the body, mind and spirit as one. Just like this you will get some experience and shift and you will become who you are.


Listen to our heart, the voice of your soul and body. Look into yourselves and connect with the energies that you are carrying in your hearts. It's love, it is a sign, it's a feeling of liberation. It is the energy of realization of love in this world. It is a shift for all of us. It is the unification and liberation of the mind body and spirit. It is linking of one part of the whole human bodies. It is the unification and illumination of one glow, one light, one bell, love, shift of ascension. Liberation of the entire Earth. Free your mind, your spirit, your body. Give freedom and expand love in yourself. Connect with your inner self, your spirit, mind and body and thus become who you are.


You are the sun shining here on this earth. The sun is shining every moment here and now. Create thoughts of love and rearrange your decisions, your minds so as to form pure love itself and you love yourselves and what you do. Find joy in yourselves, joy and happiness, and love that you are carrying. Each of you will find the show and create this force. This power of love. And keep the joy of every moment that you create and speak out. Release all thoughts of non-love. Free your mind and become the who you are. Become own God, own creativity, love and light.


We love you, your God