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Human processors of your brain

8. 11. 2016

On November 1, 2016 at 9:19 cosmic energies of cosmic knowledge started to flow towards us.

They will help us to fully activate human processors of unused part of our brain and link with DNA and the whole neural networks. Please give the space for it and enable this programming, activation and full connectivity.

Our beloved, with great love, we would like to remind you that the capacity of your brain is used only for a minimal part of its core. Now please accept all the tools for linking, you can leverage and use all the capacity of your brain so that you can grasp and accept who you are and why you're here. With great love please activate and accept brain processors that allow you to fully interconnect the brain, consciousness, subconsciousness, both human and cosmic. Activate also all the neurons that closely and fully relate with them.

These processors, these programs will come in waves and will be fully interconnected with another possible levels of brain consciousness, body, cells and mind. It allows you to connect and full insight into the past and future and into yourself. You will begin to know yourself, and because of it you will begin to connect with yourself - with body, mind, spirit, heart, Earth, space, love and light. The unused portion of your brain that cooperates with us in time when you are completely relaxed in sleep, meditation, will enable you to connect fully with your mind. It will also help you to clean all the thoughts that disguise your mind and that are blocking you from full remembering and being fully interconnected with yourself.

These waves, these processors help you be the center of yourself, connect fully your knowledge that are stored in this part of your brain, that you still can not accept, connect, operate and activate. This part of the brain will be released and will become part of you, and you will begin to fully utilize this capacity of the core of center of love.

Your Kryon


The human brain conceals certain levels of our consciousness and subconscious. Therefore it is important to fully connect your brain with the capacity that you are using here and now in this moment.

It is important not to exclude certain points and waves that are making effort to full interconnection of our bodies. Please accept help from God himself, love and light, which will help you to come to a full acceptance and connection with all mankind and yourself.

Your brain is the level of pure acceptance, openness and connectivity. Your brain sends an impulse to remember and accept. Please link your capacity of your acceptance and interconnection centers or the brain, codes and programming.

Please let yourself to look into part of your bodies to fully activate all that is part of you. Remove your thoughts from down used part of brain of your entire core. These thoughts are fully blocking you the complete interconnection. Accept that you are love and light. Remove

the ideas of negation, fear and pain that prevents you from full connection with your center of all events, the entire core of the cerebral cortex and the center of full interconnection. Do not be afraid to connect with the prime beginning of yourself. You are one hundred percent pure, radiant, loving souls who have the ability to fully remember and connect every cell in your body.

Remove the gateway between your parts of the brain that prevents the full connection and the use of the entire capacity. These human processors of your brain help to accept all the information that your body, your mind needs to full awakening and full connection and help you accept the balance between heaven and earth, light and darkness and you. They will help you to accept in full all the tools, information and programs that you have stored in your DNA and in your mind in these programs. You have got it there! So please connect these energies into one and begin to use the whole brain structure of your being. It will help you to reach full interconnection, insight into your past, future and present lives. You will begin to remember the prime beginning of your creation, your planet. Please begin to connect and use the capacity of your entire being.

Every cell in your body vibrates already at this point and fully integrates with your mind, heart, body, conscious and subconscious, the entire structure of your brain and activates the full acceptance of your being and connection with the whole structure of the brain processors, core and cells of light.

Transmit the light and live with love!

Your God