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God talks to people of the Earth, July 25, 2016

25. 7. 2016

July 25, 2016
You are the source of a pure divine love! We love you.

My beloved, that you love yourself by an unconditional love and accept it in all ways and aspects, thereby you help not only yourself to open the gates to your inner self, but also open the door to a full clean up of the planet called Earth. You have lived there for centuries and it is a full part of all of you. By that, you are maturing and realizing who you are and who you were, your planet together with you fully remembers and so matures with all of you jointly.

All of you here are helping in the same full of love ratio but by a small margin only. Some are beginning to remember and others are still waiting for this gift of completeness. However, believe, all of you came here with the same intention: "Find love inside you and a pure source of God." Some of you have already started this cathartic journey and begin to fully remember ourselves and find ourselves in calmness and peace.

And we start with it. By finding a direct source of the pure love at you, you will find a home ... yourselves. This resource is your divinity inside you. And believe everyone it conceals. Sooner or later they will also come to one amazing thing that lurks within each of you, and that is the pure love.

When you join this resource, miracles will start to do around you. You will find that you are calmer. In addition, a lot of other and other intractable problems that you thought that they would not leave suddenly disappear and you will attract only those vibrations, which you emit yourself.

Suddenly you will realize that you are in good health and abundance around you intensifies at once, together with other full of love energies. The same level people as you will surround you. However, that is not all. By that, you find the source; you will heal yourself and your whole planet too. Please find your own source of energy and show to the others which way and how they can find it as well. Each of you have it, believe me!

The fact, that you will be shining and showing people your light, it will be more of you and you will show that there is absolutely no reason to fear for survival and thus all violence will end here on the Earth. It is just a struggle for energies and there is a need also to show to them to people who do not see that they have their own source and there is no need to take it by force.

Find the strength and show who you are. Rise from the chairs and darkness of fear and anxiety. Wash yourself from these non-loves energies and uplift your rebirth. Please show to all your love and how wonderful way to find this gift, which was put into your being. Already for centuries it has walked together with you and been waiting for discovering and starting this process of full awakening.

Do not stay in the shade and show everyone the glow once again. By hiding your gifts, you are really not helping. Your awakening is a gift that you shall show everyone. Please do not have any doubt, we are always with you and always will. We love you, each of you.

We do appreciate every human being that walks on the planet Earth, that walked and that will walk. Time of full awakening has already come and thus your entire planet rises to higher vibrations and cooperates with the whole universe. This has opened the gates to more and more possibilities of access and flowing of energies as well as other wonderful events and moments.

The fact, you have upgraded to the 6D level, the possibilities of more powerful assistance open. Your planet can vibrationally bear a help even from other loving beings that couldn´t come to you earlier. Their energies were previously too strong for your body but today these energies raise your entire humanity and change your entire biology. It varies in the sense of a full cleansing. These energies are so strong that they are able to find the source of non-loving energies and it swings onto your surface, and you will be familiar how to hand over the process.

Your biology is wonderful and full of information about you. Have a word with you, your cellular structure, and biology and allow it the full recovering. I tell it, but I mean you. Allow heal yourself. Rebirth energy and awakening one will flow to you in their entirety. It is only up to you how you will treat and use them. These gates of rebirth can never close and there will be much, much more of them.

It is important to grasp your faith and find yourself so that you could move it up and help those who are still with great love looking for and still not see. Nevertheless, we know that you have already known. The fact that you will listen to and read these lines, believe that you are ready too.

The fact, you light up you will already help by it. When you give with your greatest love, the more and more you will get back and this is valid for everybody, my beloved.

With these words, I say goodbye to you with great love and respect to all of you.

Your loving God.