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Gates of rebirth

12. 7. 2016

Hello I am Kryon from the magnetical services. My dearest I will be talking to you through my partner.

It is the time of rebirth. These energies of love and commitment to yourself will bring you to the centre of happening of your core. These energies are already very strong and will be gaining energy with big intensity and believe me that they are needed always.

The energy of love and rebirth will pass through every person in this world but in the right moment. All these energies are already all around you and are waiting only for the starting moment of our linear time. You can start them and accept them into your core event.

It is the time to start listening to yourself and wipe away all the dirt layers from your mind that have been anchoring tour core for centuries.

Energies of your rebirth will bring you back to the beginning of man’s existence. This will evoke cleansing of your mind and will remind you why you are here. All of you have a great deal of work to be done here but you have forgotten very quickly because a haze has covered the purpose of being here-to be clean and unified.

Now you have the chance to get rid of these energies of no love, hate, anger that have been programmed into your lives for centuries.

This period is at its end. Vibrations are picking up all love and rebirth of you and the planet itself is coming. This cleansing will be hard and difficult. There are many of those that will try to defeat this process. Don’t forget, that they are here also for some experience. Please do not be a part of these artificial weaknesses, they are intentionally focused. Only by reaching highest vibrations you are able to hit with great love and that will start to dissolve the fear until they are gone from the whole planet. Only the attribute of love that you have can fill you with strength, that will evoke a new love inside you. And believe it is nothing new but it has been given to you by God in the beginning of your existence. Now it is time to remember and follow this road. Everybody in this world can follow this road and use this present that has been given to all of us. Just you need to awake it up.

Please wake up….!

With great love we ask you to join this great cleansing of the planet. It is only you that with this notification together with us that can rise the planet into higher vibrations.

Today, on the 16. 7. 2016 of your time all the gates will open and the rebirth of energies starts. It is only up to you how you will handle this strength and use the power of love.

The gates will stay opened and you can help with the cleansing of all people, bodies and the planet. never forget that by cleansing yourself you are helping everybody around you because of the unity we have. The process of duality is vanishing and time of great love and awakening is here. Many of you can ask what it means for you? We will let you know through your partner that is listening carefully.

The process of rebirth is very important for everyone and by passing through you are able to find yourself and be connected with your core and also with your oblivion.

In the moment when you will be able to accept the pure energy of love you can change your life. You will start looking at the world in another perspective. In a pure, loving way of seeing and the haze will be disappearing and you will also be able to see inside yourself, into your own core. It won’t be always a nice view and you will see all that you have been going through in your past. But all this is programmed and is a part of cleansing. All this happening will bring you to the core of your intention. This great experience has brought you to a full notification. We will help you finish this process of full cleansing and enter the lightning shine that will always show you the right direction and you will always know how to go on in any situation.

Together with your personal cleansing the whole planet will follow this procedure.

You are a part of the whole unity and that’s why with your behaviour the whole planet will react and follow. Your experience and learning will push you higher and higher and then you can breathe free again and help everyone around you.

Please never forget that we are here for you, accept us in your heart and experience great love inside you and spread it around you.

That is the only way to create great love all over the planet….

We love you Your Kryon