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Full moon of the New Age - August 18, 2016

21. 8. 2016

My beloved, with great love, today I came to you with very important information.  Believe that this text will be shared and my words will reach rightly those, who should read them.

It is a statement for all of you, because it relates directly to every human being that inhabits the planet Earth. It is a great honor for me to convey these words through my partner to you. It is information for anyone with an open heart and believe that these words will begin to open up consciousness and hearts of you all on this planet.

My dears, on August 18, 2016 passed the full moon of the New Age, and many changes will begin to take place which all of you without any exception will be feeling them. It just depends on you in which way and openness you will grasp here present energies that will not disappear anymore but on the contrary, they will amplify by light force and with great love.

My beloved, I would have told you that this day the gates of the current purification of you as well as the planet have shut. They were energies that allowed you to come up here at this time, here and now into these vibrations of love, however, you have already risen to higher ones, which took place on July 16, 2016 and they had to run out to the entire finish. That day came on August 18, 2016.

These old energies have been with great love concluded, terminated and replaced by the energies of vibrations of the New Age. With great love I would like to let you know that these phenomena are possible to glimpse even by your human eye. You, who are more receptive, opened to the completeness, the dance of energies shared by many colors has been allowed to see and this phenomenon in the sky was not that different.

In the middle of the month, a beautiful centerline (portal) displayed, and together with great love and power, much more intense energies started to flow to you and believe that it will intensify every day, and it will apply to each of you.


Katie has taken a picture ...  a center line (portal) is clearly visible here

These energies are here on the Earth to awaken the energy of love, which is stored inside you. There are energies of the strongest gift and it is ... I am very happy to share you what a gift it is. It is the gift of gifts. I believe that some of you will remember knowing what a gift it is.

It is the gift of life my beloved. It is the gift of your life. Now, I would very much like to ask you to look back and see what you have managed to do with this gift.

Yes, I know, many of you will say " Well what we have achieved ... pains, wars, betrayals”  ... Yes my dears, but this is also a part of higher vibrations and experience that have led you to the state of current vibrations that are pure love and flow in understanding into your hearts.

Everything coming through by this time was a part of the plan of the planet purification as well as input to perfection and a pure perception, my beloved.

On August18, 2016 the chapter of old time as well as vibrations was closed, and now it is important to accept and tell others why you are here.
It is the end of condemnation, lynching and crucifixion. It is time to wake up and together with workers of light that you have been waiting for centuries, to communicate these words to you. Grasp this gift of your rebirth and open the gates to your consciousness, and do not judge anyone around you and yourself too. We are here for you and we with great love will listen to you and help.

With great respect Kryon


My beloved, on the day August 18, 2016, the gates of the new perception and to new energies were open. These energies allow many beings of light and aliens to come in full love and awareness, up until the completeness of your consciousness. Your energy of your body is ready to receive other assistance, not just yours. Your biology will begin to clean itself and unfold to vibrations of light. Thus, you can find everything hidden in you for centuries. A miracle of life will be unveiled to you. However, do you know what is it? (Smile).  I will repeat it again. It is love. Love around you and predominantly inside you. You will be able to remember yourselves as well as people around you and you will suddenly realize that you are a part of them and they are the part of you.

You will be able to forgive to yourself and others and you will be fully aware of your non-love actions, but just remember that you should thank for them, because they have led you up here for full awareness. These words and deeds of love and awakening please raise and wake up. It is force taking you to a miracle named love.

I know, many of you can say, "I do not have to cleanse this, to listen to", but believe it is no coincidence that you are reading or listening these words. Even a small grain begins to germinate one day and you will remember creating of foundations inside of you. Your biology, energy will be rejoicing together with all of us. We all with great love will be very happy to help you as well. You are the love by every cell ... and you have plenty of them there (laugh).

We love you all unconditionally and equally my beloved.  

Your Kryon


These energies will bathe and anchor you in the full awakening.

Suddenly you will say to yourself: "Was it me who planned my life, lives here?”

Yes, your awakening will rushes many tears into your eyes because you will remember how you have hurt in the dark, how you have condemned and falsely accused, that you are responsible for everything what happens and has happened to you in your life.

Sometimes you even get hurt and killed, but believe that we know and forgive everything, because you have realized it had been a part of you as well as the veil, which masked you. Really, believe that the truth hurts sometimes. The truth is awakening, and you are the part of this powerful process of purification. Believe that you are not alone.  There are much, much more of you, and the main thing is that you are not alone on anything to do.

We are here with you and for you, together with the workers of a pure intention, that are the part of this process of cleansing and descended to the Earth to you with an open heart and full openness and love that accompanies them on this path of love for centuries in spite of all the hardship. Open your hearts and let us help you. We love you by the unconditional love.

Your awareness and forgiveness especially to yourself due to committing to hurting in ignorance, would lead you on a journey of full awakening and helping to everyone as well as the planet and planets around you. It is important to realize that you are the part of the whole process. In addition the energy of the New Age lets you experience this miracle, transfer it to your DNA, and remember fully.

You know, my beloved, wars that are happening or have happened will finish, but it is very important to realize that you need to omit old in order to allow in and activate new.

There is no reason for any war, because God is only one, and he is here for everyone. There is no reason to worship this one or that one. They are here for all of you, and equally, my beloved.

Jesus did not worship any religion, there was here for everyone and he still is. There is no sin to take anyone into your heart. We all are here for you and principally, we are the part of all of you. That is true, my beloved.

Someone will say ... what is written by Holy Scriptures of the Bible ... and so on ... but the greatest truth is you, you all, one unit and God, which is the part of each of you. Nobody is less or more, and whoever says it is not like this, he should look at himself and still search for the truth.

You are we and we are you, and it is not a sin to walk in love and awakening together with us. Your part of love will lead you to the realization that there is no reason for wars, hatred and violence.

Connect to the power of God’s own resources and thus follow the process of awakening of the New Age that gets you to your integrity and help to all too by a clear intention.

Look at you, grab your love and you will understand that all malice, destruction, violence is not needed that the source of a pure resource will help to purify your bodies, planets, awakening of energies and ascension into the higher vibrations.

This journey of the pure process of a strong power of love cannot be broken.

It is here and it is fully flowing. Set your heart and you will experience the strongest moment of full awakening that you are also God, which can form around yourself. Open to these energies of love and create lovingly around, but also in yourself.  And those who would like intimidate you in any way, send them love and remember that they are also God, and one day they will wake up and maybe even look for your help.

Please do not judge, do not condemn. You never know when exactly this human being can be helpful to you. Open your gates and with full awareness allow in these energies of the New Age love into your heart, being. Become the integrity of the entire process of awakening and purification.

So much we love you and I respect you.


Your Kryon