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Find your godhood

29. 8. 2016


29. 8. 2016

With great love I kindly ask you to find your godhood in you and accept these energies in you. Connect with me, with the universal knowledge and with the universal unity and accept me – God and your godhood as your partner. Grasp me and connect with me in unity, in one time line.

Please remove all emotions which prevent you from full consonance between you and me, your godhood in human form. Get rid of all your prejudices that you can´t or that you shouldn´t. Believe that I, we, are waiting for this permeation of us.

As soon as you cancel the time loop between us we will fully connect in one and we will be able to send these words of love and energy through you as well as actions that need to be done here on Earth. Believe that this connection, this fusion of love among you and us all is very important. You are the communication portal. You are the light workers through which we could speak. You are those that are walking on this Earth. You are those who could speak to all mankind. Please open yourself and connect with us. Don’t be afraid. Find your God and connect with us. We are waiting with open arms for the moment when you connect with us and you all will be able to speak to the others. You are the love, you are the light. You all open your hearts.

We love you, your God