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Equinox 22. 9. 2016 Opening of new gates

21. 9. 2016

My beloved, with great love we would like to inform you that the time is coming of many changes and miracles that are already happening today as well as many days before. We have already informed you about the “Spacince” waves. They are energies related closely with the energies of the New Age. They are energies which carry much concealed information for your ascension and for taking the balance. The energies of these waves are energies of the Universe and form one unit. They become part of you and you begin to wake up and remember the events that you have walled up deep inside. They also bear in themselves the information, formulas, programs, and lots of gifts designed just for each you and the whole planet, to fill the balance in your bodies and your ascension and ascension of the Earth and the entire Galaxy.

With great love new gates will begin to open for receiving and anchoring these energies. This wonderful breakthrough of energies will occur on the day of your Equinox. On September 22, 2016 at 16:21 your time the gates of your and our course of events will open and intersect at the midline of the space and your time. Your energies of full  God acceptance and ascension will intersect and intertwine through these gates. With great love and with great intensity you will be provided with information, formulas, programs, donations in the strongest level of your vibrations. Your bodies will be in one timeline along with us, and we can fully assist you with your ascension. This lets us send you through yourselves an impulse with a God's gift of full awakening and you begin to remember who you are and why you are here and what is your intention here. But believe it depends only on you how you will approach this gift.

We love you without any exception. Each of you is extraordinary and unique. You are helping,
but each of you by different part, to the fact that you and your planet (consciousness) entered the booming of full balance, peace and tranquility. This day is important by the fact that you could be with great love fully purified. Put away your unlovely decisions, prejudices and choose your way through the power of love and awakening. Your heart will celebrate together with us, because you are awakening your consciousness and you are connecting with ourselves and beginning to fully realize that you are part of whole unity. Ask your God, your inner source of your divinity, to show you your path, direction and purpose to the pure intention. Put away any fears and accept the power “Spacince” waves that deliver energies of ascension and connect you with us, and you are allowed to accept God and the earth's balance.

Open yourself to all of these beautiful gifts, your integrity and become one of us. Find the strength and stand up and give away everything that bothers you and prevents you from full connection to the main source of God acceptance. The process of the shift begins to transform your physical aspect of your bodies, your biology, and chemistry in your bodies will begin to awaken. Your bodies will expand into the quantum level and all of you together with your planet will begin to become healed.

On this day of September 22, 2016 at 16:21 please open your arms, your bodies with your beautiful heart and receive the energies of love, ascension and awareness at full gulps. Drop your inhibitions and connect with all the elements of the world. Initiate a complete purification of your body and the Earth.

Believe that you will help with the highest force to put yourselves into the complete balance. And together with you our entire planet is walking aside. Connect and start consciously to accept yourself and start purification through the energy of love. It's the purest vibrational word of the energetic shift and believe that each of you knows it. The word love is the power of God’s shift, understanding and awareness. It has been for whole millenniums hidden inside of you. You just walled it up by pain, but it is still blooming inside of you waiting for you to let the love go on the surface of your body and the Earth. Together with the time line which is opening up/was opened and integrates/was fully integrated there are specific codes and formulas coming to you. And with upcoming equinox these energies will intensify.

Your planet becomes the center and with great love is made possible to send you multiple levels of pure shift. Energies are set up in such way that your physical bodies could carry such programming and transformation. Each of you has chosen everything with own free will. Your shift is urgently needed to expand and interconnect the whole solar system with the entire Universe, Galaxy. You are absolutely necessary to your shift and awareness. Your awakening becomes awareness, remembrance, insight and makes your own power lovingly consciously connected to cosmic consciousness of receiving and knowledge.

You will begin with the greatest love to accept yourselves and the shift of all of you. We appreciate so much and love each of you. Open your eyes and connect them with the heart of God within you. See the world and each of you through God's eyes and you will see the miracle. That is that you all are a part of everyone and everything and you will start to act according to it. This is the balance of our bodies. Calmness and peace.

We love you, your God.


By calming down your mind and seeing through the God's eyes you are creating, forgiving the past, living the present, and forming the future. It's love that you're seeking while you had it for a long time invariably hidden inside. Open the gates and let it resurface and become part of the love of God shift.

We love you so much, your God.