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6. 7. 2016

Our beloved, there is plenty of information coming from God and from the beings of light that needs to be done so that our planet would be lifted into the higher vibrations. Meeting of these challenges is part of our mission. The information which we would like to transmit you now is so vital that it would not be right to keep it for ourselves. After consultation with beings of light and with God it has been allowed to let everybody know about it.

June 29,2016

On June 29 at midnight, a very wonderful thing happened that we like to share, because it is principal and related closely to the shift of our planet. They are about 3 days when we received information to light and dissolve all the fears and non-loves of Astral which we have worked very intensely on, because it had to be done till today . We do not ask why, it isn´t necessary, we know that it is important and we are just with love waiting for further instructions. Yesterday in the morning hours the disclosure came which impressed us, even if we had somehow sensed it inside us.

Our beloved Katie, accept, that in your heart you hide the secret of an immense value, that you have closed up yourself against it from a concern that it would be misused by the dark side and you know that at the moment of revelation you will become a target of strong attacks of darkness which would like to want to stop you and gain this mystery. But believe my beloved, there is neither a force in space nor on the Earth which would prove it. You hide in the depths of your interior a guideline how to move your power beyond the limits of creation itself.  Katie, you're a key of duality. You have in your hands the key to both light and dark. You're the guardian of balance.

Understand that nothing is more important than maintaining of the balance in formation, between light and dark between good and evil. It is a principle of duality. However, the dark forces significantly violated that balance on your planet.

You're the one ensuring the balance between good and evil, between heaven and the Earth, and now it is time to align this power.
 You also have a formula of love in your heart put in to you by beings of light, to you as a messenger of God, to you as AA Uriel, who stand at the very center between heaven and the Earth and you 're the center of love. This formula will integrate human beings all over the world to pure love and understanding and it needs to be activated by you today at midnight.

At the moment when Katie accepted herself, as the guardian of duality, she got instructions, or she was allowed to look into her heart and take out this mystery from the depths, how to balance and harmonize the forces of light and darkness here on the Earth. Exactly at midnight on June 29, 2016 she shifted these boundaries, locked gates of darkness and at the same time opened the gates of light. Tonight's midnight this process will be completed by activating of the formula of love.

On July 16, 2016 the light and love will rise on the Earth, the gates of strong perception will be opened and this way the experiment of duality will be suspended.  The time of pure love only and only is coming on which will be set up in each of you but it does not mean that you should stop working on yourselves. These powerful cleansing energies will penetrate your being, and extensive non-loving energies will float out to the surface, which are needed to a clear intention of your purification. Remember that thanks to your purification the whole Earth, galaxy, endless universe are cleansed as well and we with great love appreciate an every single act of the purification.

We all God and Beings of Light love you.

In these days you may feel flushes of all the fears you have materialized in incarnations by your mind and which were hidden in the Astral, but would gradually damp out. It is important not to give them in and boldly hand them over to God.

We love you

 Ilonka and Katie ( AA Sandalphon , Uriel AA)