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6. 3. 2016 - KRYON

6. 3. 2016

Hello, to you my friends I am Kryon from the magnetic services.

My beloved, today I came to you through my partner to give you these beautiful words of love and thankfulness to all of you. By today's midnight of your linear time a beautiful bright and filled with energy portal will emerge. This portal will be through you shining with love and freedom for 13 days in high power and intensity. 

It is very important to be tuned into yourself and leave behind all blocks against free love - leave them and give away as we do in lectures - on yourself and on lightning existence.

By this you will knowingly open the gates of your being and with your free will let all enter your heart. A strong flow of energy will begin.

The whirl that will be rotating inside you will bring up all hidden blocks and feelings that you will let go with great love...

All this will bring freedom to your spirit, to your existence. Be aware that there is still a need of much power to achieve full purification and acceptance of unity.

If every one of you will notify his own power, self love that will be free with non loving energies than you can help to step out of duality. The energy of this portal will be inside you getting stronger and stronger and will help all negative, painful, fearful and despair energies leave you so that pure loving energy will stay in you. Never forget who you are and why you came here.

My dearest there is one more thing to tell you about this portal and that it brings freedom and peace to the whole world. This portal is connected to what my partner has done on the 1.3.2016 by opening the gates /e.g. Gates of the Czech nation/ These loving full energies that were used to connect peace and unity launched the power of love that will help to free and unify every each of us.

Other human beings will be awakening and, souls, that will be searching for truth around and spreading it in form of love on and on. Through this cleaning process the whole planet will be coming through and not only your spirit. Mother land will start cleaning itself from its core and this source of love will help everyone of us. There is a lot of pain and bloodshed from the wars that are forgotten but alive due to people's hate and evil.

Please leave these energies behind and let the new happy loving and free time absorb you completely. Always evil will be coming and following us and hate between human race. We are all equal and we are love and we were brought here by love...

Please accept and soon you will find out who you really are.

Every sparkle inside you will strike everyone around you. This source of great loving energy will be coming with enormous power and we need to be ready for that. Energies that will soon come up can strike you but please don't identify yourself with them. Just accept your were the same in the past and take it as a experience. Accept all and be of help to your surroundings. Love yourself and sulphurise love and light. By working on yourself you are cleaning our planet and that will bring it to a rise. And that moves the galaxy and space.